Nordea Funds Ltd is part of the Nordea Group, the largest financial services group in the Nordic countries and one of the largest banks in Europe. The fund management company has the entire group's investment expertise and resources at its disposal.

The Nordea funds are managed by Nordea Funds Ltd, the leading management company in the Nordics. Nordea Funds Ltd manages a total of 246 funds in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and employs 45 people across the Nordics (December 2023).

The aggregated assets managed in the Nordea funds is 145.6 billion euros (December 2023). This means that Nordea Funds Ltd and its funds are one of the largest institutional investors in the Nordics.

The operations of the Nordic fund management companies in Nordea have been restructured in 2014. The management of UCITS and alternative funds was centralised to one fund company with domicile in Finland, Nordea Funds Ltd. At present, the fund management operations are conducted through a branch structure in the other Nordic countries.

Nordea Funds Ltd operates under a licence granted by the Finnish Ministry of Finance in accordance with the UCITS directive. The management company is engaged in investment fund operations and other activities materially related to them.

The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has granted the management company a licence to act as an alternative investment fund manager pursuant to the Finnish act on managers of alternative investment funds in March 2014. The management company invests assets acquired from the public on behalf of the funds' unitholders in accordance with the fund rules. The management company acts in its own name on behalf of each fund and exercises the rights related to the assets in the fund. The management company is entitled to outsource certain functions to agents.