Our work

Our work is done in close relation with Responsible Investments and the Investment organizations, both in the Nordics, Luxembourg and with external portfolio managers.  We also strive to work together with other major financial institutions and interest organizations to promote proper governance principles in our holdings and the corporate sector as a whole.

  • We facilitate voting in around 400 annual general meetings per year, and we physically attend in around 100. In a usual year this means that we cast close to 6500 individual votes.
  • We help companies create excellent boards of directors by participating in their Nomination Committees when Nordea Funds is among the largest owners.
  • We take responsibility in the companies we have major investments in by regularly discuss pressing issues and giving feedback on important matters, such as remuneration programs for top management.
  • We aim for total transparency – our guiding principles and complete breakdown of voting record can be found on our Voting Portal – one of the very first and most transparent of any major bank in the Nordics
  • We also help our portfolio managers facilitate bond votes, represent Nordea in regional and international governance-organizations, and help portfolio managers in the dialogue with their investments


Want to know how we vote? Visit our voting portal below to get insights.

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Learn more about the Corporate Governance Principles (pdf, 2,8 MB) applied by the Nordea funds. Examples of activities during 2022 can be found in the report Corporate Governance Activities 2023. Read more about nomination committees and see in which ones we are currently represented.




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